This is the web version of the I³ Open Innovation Dataset Index – a collection of innovation datasets, and related tools, platforms and resources used by the broader research community. This site uses a Github and Google Sheets-based infrastructure to version and manage the files. Everything on this site may be edited collectively -- guidelines for doing so are listed below, but feel free to get in touch with any questions.

This index is part of the Information Innovation Initiative, supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Contribution Guidelines

You can contribute to this site, either by can editing our google sheet (updates made to the sheet will take a couple of minutes to display), or by making a pull request to our GitHub repository.

Edit this site using Google Sheets

The I³ Index Google Sheet can be used to create new records, and edit existing ones. To add a new record, navigate to the bottom of the sheet and begin to add data. A script will automatically generate a UUID for the record, and within around 15 minutes the changes you have made will be reflected on the site.

Note: it is only possible to modify the 'infobox' section of a page using the google sheet, as that's where structured data is stored. For more longform edits, or to contribute to or edit a collection, see the Github contribution guidelines below.

Edit this site using Github

The I³ Open Innovation Dataset Index Github repository can be used to edit any aspect of this website, and valid edits to datasets, collections, and tools will be automatically integrated without the need to wait for manual checks.

In order to make an edit using Github, you will need a Github account, but it is not necessary to download git software or make a copy of the repository (unless you prefer to work in that way). A full guide to adding and editing files using the Github interface may be found here

You do not need write access to the repository to make edits to the site. Instead, you will need to open a 'pull request' containing the proposed edits, which will be checked for validity and auto-merged by a Github action that listens for changes. This script will also update the Google Sheet, so there is no need to edit both. For a full guide to making pull requests using the Github interface, see here

Use this Dataset

Up-to-date CSV copies of the datasets and tools are maintained here, and may be downloaded/used/distributed under the terms of the MIT License.