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contributors: EMBL-EBI at Hinxton in the United Kingdom

tags: biotechnology, health, chemical, bioinformatics, medical, neglected diseases

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terms of_use: We encourage all users to download, copy and redistribute these data as needed. However, in the spirit of open collaboration and to enable rapid development of new therapeutics for neglected disease, we encourage following these basic principles: Users who annotate, add to, or modify these data in a way that adds significant value are encouraged to release their work to the public domain, ideally by re-contributing their findings to ChEMBL-NTD. When these data are used or cited in a paper or other scholarly work please reference the citation provided in each deposition set. Access to the ChEMBL-NTD data is under the EMBL-EBI's standard terms:

description: CHEMBL-NTD is a repository for Open Access primary screening and medicinal chemistry data directed at neglected diseases - endemic tropical diseases of the developing regions of the Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The primary purpose of ChEMBL-NTD is to provide a freely accessible and permanent archive and distribution centre for deposited data. ChEMBL-NTD is a subset of the data in the free medicinal chemistry and drug discovery database ChEMBL.

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