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Crios‐Patstat Database


contributors: Monica Coffano, Gianluca Tarasconi

tags: disambiguation, Europe

terms of_use: EPO License


description: Disambiguated inventor and applicant names for EPO records. A major problem with PATSTAT was that data are provided in a raw format. Data have been therefore thoroughly elaborated by ICRIOS to produce a cleaned and harmonized database: PATENTS-ICRIOS. Data process­ing consisted mainly in a thorough work of clean­ing and standardization of rough in­forma­tion provided by the EPO. Such work of name standardization has been carried out at the level of individual inventors and applicants. In addition to this, each patent document also reports further information not included in Patstat, (FI concordance tables to convert IPC codes into more aggregated and manageable technological classes). Data included in these reports are for EPO patent office only; last update has been released on 10/2016; starting date for EPO applications is 1978, in many reports by priority date you might see earlier dates.

last edit: Fri, 01 Dec 2023 18:12:01 GMT