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Disclosed Standard Essential Patents Database


contributors: Rudi Bekkers, Christian Catalini, Arianna Martinelli, Timothy Simcoe, Cesare Righi

tags: disclosure, standards, patents

terms of_use: Anyone is free to use this data, provided that any paper or report published that uses this data includes the following literature citation: "Bekkers, R., Catalini, C., Martinelli, A., & Simcoe, T. (2012). Intellectual Property Disclosure in Standards Development. Proceedings from NBER conference on Standards, Patents & Innovation, Tucson (AZ), January 20 and 21, 2012."

documentation: Included with files

code: codebook included in excel files

description: The OEIDD database provides a full overview of all disclosed IPR at setting organizations world-wide. Based on the archives of thirteen major SSOs as of March 2011, the disclosure data is cleaned, harmonized, and all disclosed USPTO or EPO patents or patent applications are matched against patent identities in the PATSTAT database. Overall, the database contains 46,906 disclosed patents, patent applications or blankets, from 969 different firms, with 14057 USPTO or EPO patents or patent applications identified in PATSTAT, belonging to 4814 different INPADOC patent families and 5337 different DOCDB patent families.

last edit: Mon, 19 Jun 2023 16:42:41 GMT