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Geocoding of worldwide patent data

location: Geocoding of worldwide patent data - Harvard Dataverse

contributors: Florian Seliger, Jan Kozak, GaƩtan de Rassenfosse

tags: geography, location of inventors, PATSTAT



timeframe: 30 years

terms of_use: CC0 - "Public Domain Dedication"

description: The dataset provides geographic coordinates for inventor and applicant locations in 18.8 million patent documents spanning over more than 30 years. The geocoded data are further allocated to the corresponding countries, regions and cities. When the address information was missing in the original patent document, we imputed it by using information from subsequent filings in the patent family. The resulting database can be used to study patenting activity at a fine-grained geographic level without creating bias towards the traditional, established patent offices.

last edit: Sat, 29 Jul 2023 06:33:13 GMT