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Journal Commercial Impact Factor


terms of_use: Michael Bikard and Matt Marx introduced JCIF in the paper "From Academia to Industry: Hubs as Bridges between University Science and Corporate Technologies", available at We would appreciate you citing the paper if you use the measure.

description: This measure is analogous to the commonly used Journal Impact Factor (JIF), which is also calculated here. A journal’s impact factor is a popular measure of its quality, calculated for year t as the number of times articles from years t-1 and t-2 were cited during year t, divided by the number of articles published during years t-1 and t-2. Just like JIF is a journal-level measure of quality, it is possible to build a journal-level measure of appliedness or commercial relevance by replacing paper-to-paper citationss by patent-to-paper citations.

last edit: Mon, 19 Jun 2023 17:03:53 GMT