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contributors: Cambia

tags: citation, scholarly literature

terms of_use: Cambia grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited license to access and personally use the features of the Service. The conditions by which The Lens data may be used are intended to resonate with the principles of Creative Commons Attribution licenses with a public benefit element.

description: Lens serves nearly all of the patent documents in the world as open, annotatable digital public goods that are integrated with scholarly and technical literature along with regulatory and business data. The Lens will allow documents and analyses to be shared and embedded to support open mapping of knowledge-directed innovation.

last edit: Mon, 11 Dec 2023 21:14:17 GMT

Notes is a platform that aggregates and normalises metadata about 'knowledge objects' -- namely, patents and scholarly works -- and makes available three core datasets (patents, scholarly works, biological sequences and species), as well as management tools for analysing collections of these objects. The following tools are available to users via the Lens website, with or without registration:

  • Scholarly Works: Discovery and analytics tools providing access to a global corpus of scholarly literature metadata with citation indexing.
  • Patents: Discovery and analytics tools on a comprehensive collection of patent literature with citation indexing.
  • PatSeq: A facility to search and analyze biological sequences disclosed in patent literature.
  • Collections: A management tool to track, monitor, and analyze a collection of works or a collection of patents dynamically or statically.

The Lens also hosts APIs for both patents and scholarly works, as well as bulk data downloads from the Patents, Scholarly Works, and PatSeq databases. Use of the API and bulk data downloads is managed on a by-request basis, and requires a Lens account (Lens APIs may be tested without an account using a Swagger UI here). The Lens is free for individual users, and also has an institutional toolkit that operates on a subscription model.

The Lens Metarecord and LensID

The Lens Metarecord and LensID are an open system to link and disambiguate records including patents, scholarly works, authors and institutions. The Lens Metarecord aggregates and normalises related versions and variants on a particular work, as well as different unique identifiers (DOI, PMID) that might otherwise be treated as separate entities.

Knowledge Base

The Lens also hosts a Knowledge Base, with detailed overviews covering patent law, legal status, geographical variation of patenting law and the structure of claims.