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The scientific knowledge base of low carbon energy technologies (updated and extended version)


contributors: Hötte K, Lafond F, Pichler A

tags: citation, scholarly literature, low-carbon energy technologies


timeframe: 1836-2019

terms of_use: CC BY 4.0 license. See:

code: Included in the bulk download

description: This data publication offers updated data about low-carbon energy technology (LCET) patents and citations links to the scientific literature. Compared to a previous version, it also contains data on biofuels and fuels from waste technologies. The updated version also contains the code (R-scripts) that have been used to (1) compile the data and (2) to reproduce the statistical analysis including figures and tables presented in the final paper Hötte, Pichler, Lafond (2021): "The rise of science in low-carbon energy technologies", RSER. DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2020.110654.

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