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Patent Citation Timing and Source


contributors: Jeffrey Kuhn, Kenneth Younge, Alan Marco

tags: timing, citation, United States

timeframe: 2001-2014

terms of_use: These datasets are provided to the public subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license. No co‑authorship is required to use the data in academic research — please just cite the supporting article.


description: Innovation studies frequently distinguish between patent citation submitted by the patent examiner and those submitted by the patent application. However, publicly available citations data is often misleading, for instance by attributing a patent citation to the patent examiner when it was in fact first submitted by the patent application. This dataset uses internal USPTO data to identify the date on which each citation was first submitted as well as the party (examiner or applicant) who first submitted it. The dataset includes observations for citations made by patents issued 2001-2014, although some level of leftward truncation is evident due to limitations in internal data availability at the USPTO.

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