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Disclosure of Patenting Activities within Scientific Publications as Potential Conflict-of-Interests: Evidences from Biomedical Literature

contributors: Luca Falciola, Massimo Barbieri

tags: Conflict of interest, Non-patent Literature, Patents, PubMed, Scientific databases, COVID-19


description: Most scientific publishers require authors to submit their manuscripts with a text reporting their own parallel activities, including patent-related ones, that may be considered as potential Conflict-of-Interest (COI). The authors’ or institutional patenting activities disclosed as COI in the official version of the article within Conflict-of-Interest Statements (COIS) are generally analysed in the literature using either very focused or non-systematic approaches. This study proposes methods for assessing COIS presence and main features, particularly with respect to patent information, across biomedical topics and journals that are covered in the PubMed database for the period 2011-2022. The data used for this project is obtained via structured searches of PubMed and Scholar Lens, using searches detailed in the documentation.

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