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contributors: G. Papadatos, M. Davies, N. Dedman, J. Chambers, A. Gaulton, J. Siddle, R. Koks, S. A. Irvine, J. Pettersson, N. Goncharoff, A. Hersey, J. P. Overington

tags: biotechnology, health, chemical, bioinformatics, medical

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description: SureChEMBL is a publicly available large-scale resource containing compounds extracted from the full text, images and attachments of patent documents. The data are extracted from the patent literature according to an automated text and image-mining pipeline on a daily basis. SureChEMBL provides access to a previously unavailable, open and timely set of annotated compound-patent associations, complemented with sophisticated combined structure and keyword-based search capabilities against the compound repository and patent document corpus. Currently, the database contains 17 million compounds extracted from 14 million patent documents.

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