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Transportation Economics in the 21st Century


contributors: This project is supported by the U.S. Department of Transportation through an inter-agency agreement with the National Science Foundation, which has extended a grant to the NBER.

tags: geography, transportation, trade, logistics, infrastructure

description: Improving access to data sets related to transportation economics and facilitating research with these datasets are cental objectives of this project. Post-doctoral researcher Caitlin Gorback, with advice from from a steering committee including Nathaniel Baum-Snow of the University of Toronto, Leah Brooks of George Washington University, Edward Glaeser, Harvard University and NBER, Stephen Redding, Princeton University and NBER, and Matthew Turner of Brown University and NBER, has collected information on a number of data sets that are available from the Department of Transportation (DOT) or that have been created by researchers who have made them available for folllow-on study. These data have been organized into several major categories below. The DOT data span a wide range of transportation modes and include information about the transportation infrastructure, the delivery of transportation services, and the demand for these services.

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