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World Management Survey


contributors: Nick Bloom, Renata Lemos, Raffaella Sadun, Daniela Scur, John Van Reenen

tags: management


timeframe: 2002-2023

terms of_use: CC0 1.0

description: The World Management Survey is the first cross-country, cross-industry dataset built to measure the quality of management practices in establishments. The WMS is an interview-based evaluation tool that defines 18 key management practices, and scores them from 1 (“worst practice”) to 5 (“best practice”). The evaluation focuses on three key areas: First, monitoring: How well do organizations monitor what goes on inside the firm, and then use this information for continuous improvement? Second, targets: Do organizations set the right targets, track the right outcomes, and take appropriate action if the two are inconsistent? Third, incentives/people management: Are organizations promoting and rewarding employees based on performance, prioritizing careful hiring, and trying to keep their best employees? For more information about the dataset and to request access to the identified version of the dataset and for further variables, please visit the website

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