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Lens Labs Apps and Data

tags: patents, citation, scholarly literature, biotechnology, COVID-19

This collection tracks the Lens Labs Apps and Data page, which is curated and maintained by the Lens. To contribute to this collection, contact the Lens through their feedback address.

Core Lens datasets

  • Lens Patent Bulk Data -- Access the Lens patent records with bulk data downloads. Bulk downloads datasets or customized bulk datasets are available with regular data feed updates.
  • Lens Scholarly Bulk Data -- Access the Lens scholarly works with bulk data downloads.
  • Lens Patent API -- Patent API including access to abstracts, claims, owners and legal status. Access the full corpus of Lens patent records using a REST API.
  • Lens Scholarly API -- Access the Lens Scholarly API, including bibliographic metadata, cited and citing scholarly works and citing patents, using a REST API.

Lens-based collections

  • COVID-19 Datasets -- The Lens has assembled free and open datasets of patent documents, scholarly research works metadata and biological sequences from patents, and deposited them in a machine-readable and explorable form.
  • Nature Biotechnology SARS-CoV-2 Collections -- Index of variants, diagnostic methods and emerging patents in innovation and scholarly research
  • CovidLens -- the Lens Covid collection as an R package
  • lens2r -- package for importing scholarly data into and R environment
  • PatSeq Data -- Access to the human genome map of patent sequences for academic use, and all 350M patent sequences disclosed in the patent literature.
  • BioSpolar Dataset -- Project to identify research and innovation involving Antarctic biodiversity, based on the Lens.

analysis and search tools

  • Lens Analysis -- Module for doing analytics on downloaded Lens exports.
  • VOS Viewer -- VOSviewer is a software tool for constructing and visualizing bibliometric networks.
  • 2D Search
  • CiteSpace -- Network visualisation tool for visually exploring and analysing trends and patterns in scientific literature, can be used for display and analysis of Lens data.
  • Lens In4M Metric
  • HHMI Author Contributions -- A method for identifying scholarly works in with major contributions from Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) affiliated authors.
  • DELPHI -- A framework for calculating an early-warning score for impactful new research in biotechnology.
  • NIH iCite -- iCite is a powerful web application that provides a panel of bibliometric information for scientific publications within a defined analysis group
  • EPO2Grid -- Disambiguation project to match standardised EPO applicant names to organisation definitions provided in the database.
  • CitationChaser R package automating the citation-finding process, making use of the API.

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